Ride & Tie

Ride & Tie

The RideĀ & Tie is an unique type of ACTRA ride that uses one horse and two people as a term. ACTRA has adopted many of the AERC rules for Ride & Tie. Each team must consist of two people and one horse. While one person walks or runs, the other rides ahead on the horse. After a few miles the rider will tie the horse to a tree and continue on foot. The person who began on foot will catch up to the horse, mount it, and ride past the second person. Again the horse is tied, and the relay begins again. this gives each person a chance to rest as they ride and some time for the horse to rest as it stands waiting for the next rider. Introductory races can be 5 miles long, but ride n' ties can cover twenty miles or more of rugged trail. In most ride n' ties you must tie the horse at least once on trail, but you may other wise plan your strategy as you like. For the horse's safety there is at least one veterinary check on the trail. Horses will get an examination during the race to make sure they are not being over stressed. As the ride n' tie is a race, the first team with all members crossing the finish line wins.

What to expect on a RideĀ & Tie

Before the race begins the veterinary team will examine your horse. The trail master describes the features of the trail, how to follow the trail markers, where vet checks and water stops are during the pre-ride briefing. All horses and runners will line up at the starting line and begin at the sdame time. This can be an exciting and confusing time and you may be allowed to start a few minutes later to avoide the melee.

Before the race you will have planned your strategy; either stay together, or run a certain distance or for a certain time before tying the horse. At the vet check your horse will be throughly examined to ensure it is not being over worked.

Your placing will be determined when your last team member crosses the finish line. The vet team then examines your horse again. If your horse finishes lame or is other wise over stressed you may be eliminated.


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