Spring Into Stanley JP

Judged Pleasure
Ride Date: 
Sunday, May 20, 2018


Event Info
Stanley Community Hall, Stanley, NS
Description / Notes: 

A kick off to the ACTRA 2018 ride season. Please come join fellow riders on the trails in Stanley. We are hoping that each seasoned rider will be able to convince a fellow trail rider that has shown some interest in our sport to come and see what we are all about.

Judging will not be nicky picky and will be more looking towards common sense horsemanship and trail etiquette.

Entries will be accepted the morning of the ride, BUT a fee of $10.00 will be added.

We WILL NOT be accepting ACTRA membership money. You MUST have your ACTRA membership in place BEFORE the ride.

NSEF Membership (or other provincial mbrship) is MANDATORY to ride. You do not have to be a member of ACTRA, but you must have your provinical membership with you.

Please send your completed entry form to Bev Elliott, 931 Newtonville Rd, Forest Hills, NS, B4P2R1 or email to mtndodge@gmail.com. I require your info to fill out the paperwork. You may pay the morning of the ride, which I will mark on the sheet that you have pre-entered and won't be charged the late entry fee, BUT if I don't have your info on the sheet you will be considered a late entry.

Breakfast - Coffee, Tea, Juice, Muffins, Donuts will be available. Lunch - You will be responsible to provide your own lunch. It will be transported to the halfway point for you. Supper - Pizza and Ice Cream Cake
Cutoff Date: 
Thursday, May 17, 2018
Extra Meals Available: 
Stabling Available: 
Pens Allowed: 

Ride History

ACTRA ID Rider Mount Name Mount Nickname Result Miles Division Placing Score / Time Trail Horse Placing
Elizabeth Johnson Our Justanother Horse Completed 15 Senior
041313 Janie Morse Maple Meadow Crown Jewel Jewel Completed 15 Senior
Heather Laffin Our Charlie's Angel Completed 15 Senior
029610 Russlyn Patriquin-Dyke Ice Capades RF Addy Completed 15 Senior 1
029108 Chester Gillan Prairie Shadowfax Shadow Completed 15 Senior 2
030006 Donna Lee Cole Bohannon Bo Completed 15 Senior 3
041814 Raelene Samms Windemere Completed 15 Senior 4
030502 Betty Dwyer JW Maestro JW Completed 15 Senior 4
041421 Niki Petrie Hat Trick Leah Completed 15 Senior 6


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