MapleRidgeRide Spring Frolic 25mi CTR

Competitive Trail Ride
Ride Date: 
Sunday, May 28, 2017


Event Info
Head to New Glasgow NS , take Exit 24, head south on Hwy 374 thru Stellarton heading to Hopewell, at Hopewell turn left on Elgin Rd. ( train tressel ) go apx 8 km ( you will end up on dirt road,) go till you see the ride site on your right. ( apx 3km) Note - GPS will want to take you to exit 25, not the best idea.
Description / Notes: 

Shoes or boots suggested, trails have all varieties of footing. Hold at ride site.

No frills, but if you can join us for a social visit after the ride , we will have a BBQ on site, just bring your food and drinks. Please feel free to camp overnight on site and enjoy the trails the next day.
Cutoff Date: 
Saturday, May 27, 2017
Extra Meals Available: 
Stabling Available: 
Pens Allowed: 

Ride History

ACTRA ID Rider Mount Name Mount Nickname Result Miles Division Placing Score / Time Trail Horse Placing
041211 Marie Eddy Precisement Ray Completed 25 Junior 1 97
029610 Russlyn Patriquin-Dyke Ice Capades RF Addy Completed 25 Senior 88
041409 Janice MacSwain Kussarine Koussa Completed 25 Senior 87
029010 April Haliburton Elastic Leo Completed 25 Senior 1 97
041514 Dianne Storey Nellie Nellie Completed 25 Senior 2 96
041404 Jacqui Trim-Tupper Kodak Mikarizma Kodak Completed 25 Senior 3 95
029505 Jennifer McDonald Washademoak Sunset Denny Completed 25 Senior 4 94
041503 Kelda Hagell Lasha Lasha Completed 25 Senior 5 91
029108 Chester Gillan Prairie Shadowfax Shadow Completed 25 Senior 6 90

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