Morning Sun CTR/IDR

Competitive Trail Ride
Ride Date: 
Sunday, July 3, 2016


Event Info
From Moncton or NS, take the Aulac exit on the Trans Canada Highway at the NS/NB border and head towards PEI. Go approx. 21k and you will see the exit for Baie Verte on the left. STAY ON THE HIGHWAY - in 1.5k you will see a ski-doo crossing sign (this is the Trans Canada Trail) SLOW DOWN! - Coburg is immediately after that on the left. If you go too far (too fast) take the next left they go to the same place. - go 1k and my farm is on the left. Parking is in a LARGE field
Description / Notes: 

Trail will be the same as the LD from July 2nd.
- All holds are at base camp
- Completion awards available

***IDR will be 19 miles and will cost $30***

All distances will be confirmed within a week.

This is a NO FRILLS event, please bring your own meals!
Cutoff Date: 
Monday, June 20, 2016
Extra Meals Available: 
Stabling Available: 
Pens Allowed: 

Ride History

ACTRA ID Rider Mount Name Mount Nickname Result Miles Division Placing Score / Time
030402 Lynn Beazley Nat King Khol RF Khol Completed 28 Senior 4 97
041420 Andrea Fuller Kenric Ibn Sahib Kenric Disqualification 0
029201 Sylvia Gillies Deuces Wild Completed 28 Senior 5 95.5
029010 April Haliburton Elastic Leo Completed 28 Senior 3 98
018013 Susan Hovey Shadow's Jazera RT Jazzy Completed 28 Senior 6 94
030603 Karen Jonah-Brown Rylee Ashtar Redford Completed 28 Senior 87
041409 Janice MacSwain Kussarine Koussa Completed 28 Senior 2 98
041516 Bernadette Morton Khario Completed 28 Senior 93
029205 Donna Munn MDA Billy Four Billy Completed 28 Senior 92
030501 Pam Rustige Adios Tiki Tiki Completed 28 Senior 1 100
029206 Priscilla Scott CF Dancer Dancer Completed 28 Senior 92.5
041514 Dianne Storey Nellie Nellie Completed 28 Senior 94
041501 Claire Winchester Rue Rue Disqualification 0

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