Morning Sun 50 mile Endurance Ride - 25 mileLimited Distance

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Ride Date: 
Saturday, July 2, 2016


Event Info
Take Trans Canada Highway to Aulac NB (border between NS and NB). Head towards PEI on Hwy #16. Go aprox 22k and you will see sign for Baie Vert on the right. Start slowing down! You will cross the NB trail (old railway bed), Coburg road is immediately after that on the left. If you miss that turn go another 0.5k and take Coburg Cross road. If you miss that, go 3.5k to traffic circle in Port Elgin and come back!! #98 Coburg Rd is one kilometer in and on the left.
Description / Notes: 

I will be organizing this myself, so it will be a bare bones ride!!!
LOVELY trails, great footing!
Mixture of Irving roads, grass covered trails, ATV trails, sand packed trails, railroad bed.
You can trot 95 % of the trails, can canter 80.
Large field for camping.
Judging will be Friday night. 06:30 am start for 50's, 07:00 for 25's
Endurance is $90
Limited Distance is $45.

This is a bare bones ride. Riders are responsible for their lunches. BBQ will be on site. Pot Luck would be great. Can eat in the barn if weather is bad.
Cutoff Date: 
Monday, June 20, 2016
Extra Meals Available: 
Stabling Available: 
Pens Allowed: 

Ride History

ACTRA ID Rider Mount Name Mount Nickname Result Miles Division Placing Score / Time Trail Horse Placing
029610 Russlyn Patriquin-Dyke Ice Capades RF Addy Rider Option Lame 0
029105 Bob Curran Taleb ShaiLyx Shai Completed 50 5:38
029108 Chester Gillan Prairie Shadowfax Shadow Completed 50 1 8:55
030701 Frannie Croken Ringo Ringo Completed 50 1 8:55
041514 Dianne Storey Nellie Nellie Completed 50 1 4:17
041503 Kelda Hagell Cirque Cirque Completed 50 2 4:18
029010 April Haliburton Elastic Leo Completed 50 2 4:18
041404 Jacqui Trim-Tupper Kodak Mikarizma Kodak Completed 50 3 9:04
018013 Susan Hovey Shadow's Jazera RT Jazzy Completed 50 3 4:34
029206 Priscilla Scott CF Dancer Dancer Completed 50 5 4:51
029205 Donna Munn MDA Billy Four Billy Completed 50 5 4:51
041516 Bernadette Morton Khario Completed 50 6 4:53
041409 Janice MacSwain Kussarine Koussa Completed 50 7 4:55
030501 Pam Rustige Adios Tiki Tiki Completed 50 8 5:03
030402 Lynn Beazley Nat King Khol RF Khol Completed 50 8 5:03


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