Do It Again IDR

Introductory Distance Ride
Ride Date: 
Saturday, May 16, 2015


Event Info
Stanley Mosherville Hall 346 Hwy 236 Stanley NS
Description / Notes: 

Judging begins at 9:00 am.

Placings for conditioning Sr and Jr 1-6

Placings for trail horse Sr and Jr 1-3

No frills ride, there are ACTRA placings only

Riders must belong to their provincial sport organization ie NSEF NBEA Island Horse Council etc.

Ride speed is 5 mph. This is a change from 4 mph.

Riders can pay their entry fee when they arrive. Please have your entry forms filled out when you arrive . They can be printed off this website. Riders must let the ride manager know by Wednesday May 13 if they are attending. All rider and horse info will be taken at that time so that the score sheets can be filled in. Please have your mount numbers on your entry form.

Tea and coffee toast etc in the morning. Bring your own lunch and supper. The hall will be open for use and we can get together after the ride for the placings and a time for talking about the days adventures!
Cutoff Date: 
Wednesday, May 13, 2015
Extra Meals Available: 
Stabling Available: 
Pens Allowed: 

Ride History

ACTRA ID Rider Mount Name Mount Nickname Result Miles Division Placing Score / Time Trail Horse Placing
041305 Rene Drinnan Kazems Liberty Belle Libby Over Time 0
041211 Marie Eddy Black Sunrise Magick Over Time 0
041503 Kelda Hagell Lasha Lasha Completed 15 Lightweight 90.5
029106 Bev Elliott MDA High Five Nova Completed 15 Senior 95.5
030502 Betty Dwyer PD Cat-A-Hoolah Hooley Completed 15 Senior 94.5
041415 Suzanne Horne Rum Tuff Customer Tuffy Completed 15 Senior 86
030402 Lynn Beazley Evening in Paris Paris Completed 15 Senior 95.5
029610 Russlyn Patriquin-Dyke Ice Capades RF Addy Completed 15 Senior 95.5
018603 Lucy Rudge Grover Completed 15 Senior 86
Alon Friedman Aeibi Aeibi Completed 15 Senior 95.5
Kathleen Schaefer Ali Faatah Na Ali Completed 15 Senior 95.5
018401 Leslie Wade Jalna Jesta Cat Jesty Completed 15 Senior 96.5
041313 Janie Morse Maple Meadow Crown Jewel Jewel Completed 15 Senior 88
041410 Elaine Stutely Centurion Thunder Thunder Completed 15 Senior 95
041404 Jacqui Trim-Tupper Kodak Mikarizma Kodak Completed 15 Senior 96.5


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