Horse Related Quotes

Horse Related Quotes

When Yvette Vinton, DVM was asked why she choose endurance riding as her preferred horse sport she replied, "When I started riding, I was showing hunter/jumper and equitation. I found ring competition to be stuffy and political and expensive. With Endurance, the people are more 'earthy,' more likely to share advice, more likely to help someone during competition. You don't need an expensive horse to be a winner. The bond between horse and rider is so much stronger and deeper. In order to travel the distances, and compete for such lengths of time, the horse has to be 'ready' and very sound."

“You don't see the endurance riders hitting their horses to make them go." Princess Anne

"Thou must learn the thoughts of the noble horse whom thou wouldst ride. The horse is a wise animal. Let him show you the best and most natural way to accomplish a desired end." Johann Wolfgang Goethe

"A horseman and his horse should be two hearts and one mind.” Old German saying

“The Ride demands excellent physical condition on the part of the rider, and to obtain this he must ride hard and live cleanly.” Capt. H. N. Beeman, describing an Army Endurance Trial

“Everyone knows that it requires no special skill to ride a horse in such a way that he will break down or die. A good rider is expected to do more than ride his horse. He must nurse his horse and look after him with the greatest amount of thoughtfulness and bring into practice all of his experience and intelligence in the care of his mount. Individual practice alone will teach a man how to cover long distances in as short a time as possible without unnecessarily fatiguing his horse. A few failures will impress upon him the fact that a horse is not merely a machine that will go on forever at every pace provided he is supplied with fuel.” Gen. Earl D. Thomas, U.S. Cavalry

“Riding consists of control over yourself and respect for the horse.” Karl Frederick von Langen German Olympic Gold Medallist

“It’s what a horse can do that’s important, not how pretty he is.” Sharon Saare

“Competitive trail riding is the last amateur sport left in America.” Dr. D. P. Hatfield, D.V.M.

“In competitive trail riding, we discover that a horse is not only a means of locomotion, he is a creature that opens a whole new world.” Virginia & Thula Johnson authors of Distance Riding: From Start to Finish

"Horse sense is what horses have that makes them not bet on people." W.C. Fields

"If you do not ride the way you believe you should, you end up by believing that you should ride the way you do." Jean Paillard from her book 'Understanding Equitation'"

"The lessons learned would make quite a tally, but no one ever graduates, in fact only a fool would ever pretend to be a graduate, from the School of Horses." author Jim Nelson

"To err is human, to forgive Equine".

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