Endurance Horses and Riders

Endurance Horses and Riders


The Mount
Al Kamar Raka Shazaam was often called "you b-stard" until he found an owner as hyper as he, an endurance addict. Can spook at a blowing leaf, spin a 360 and not lose his big trot rhythm or give up an inch to the horse behind him. Has learned to eat, drink, pee and drop to his resting pulse rate on command. Has compiled 3,450 AERC miles, with his rider compiling 3,445 -- those five miles being the ones he was chased down the trail after performing his trademark 360 turn, without said aforementioned rider.


The Rider
The Endurance addict is wearing Lycra tights in some neon color. Has not read the rule that Lycra is a privilege, not a right. The shinier, the better, so that they can find her body when her mount dumps her down (another) ravine. Wearing hiking sneakers of some sort and a smear of trail dirt on the cheek. Sporting one of the zillions of T-shirts she got for paying $75 to complete some other torturous ride. Socks may or may not match (each other).


Overheard Frequently
From the Endurance Addict -- "Anyone have Advil?" "Anyone have food? -- I think last year's Twinkies finally went bad." "For this pain, I spend money?" "Oh I never bring hay or water to the vet checks -- there's always plenty around." "Quick, quick, did you look, was his pee okay?" "Shazaam, you b-stard -- it's just a leaf [thud]!"


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