Equine First- Aid Kit

Equine First-Aid Kit

The following list of items is the recommended minimum that horse owners should have in the barn in case of an emergency. Remember that this kit is for first-aid only. It is to be used for non life-threatening injuries or for temporary treatment until the vet arrives. Become familiar with what procedures should be taken in case of an emergency. These items will be of little use, if you don't know how to use them. Should a situation come up and you are unsure of what to do, call your vet immediately.


•Blunt-tipped scissors
•Equine thermometer
•Sterile sponges
•Petroleum jelly
•Cotton Swabs
•Hemostat or tweezers


• Nitrofurazone salve, powder or spray
• Mild liniment
•Epsom salts or
•Saline solution to rinse wounds
•Antibiotic eye ointment

Antiseptics, Disinfectants

•Mild surgical soap (such as Betadine) or
•70% isopropyl alcohol, or
•Iodine solution, or
•Hydrogen Peroxide

Bandaging Supplies

• Elastic bandages such as Ace or Vetrap)
•Quilted cotton pads
•Box of 3" square gauze pads
•Roll of 2" wide adhesive tape
•Roll of black electrician's tape

The kit's box should be metal or hard plastic with a tight-fitting cover. Bright colours or significant markings on the lid are recommended so that it can be easily found in an emergency. Keep the Vet's numbers taped by the phone, as well as the street address of the barn and directions to it. In this manner even a stranger to you barn can call for help and give directions. Another good idea is to keep a list of what is in the kit taped inside the lid of the box.

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