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E.g., 2018-08-18
Title Date Typesort descending Length Manager Prov WWW MAP Entry Form Event Owner
St Stephen CTR 2018-10-06 CTR 30 Susan Hovey susanh
Northeast Challenge 2018-08-25 End 100 Blaine Jack ME russlynd
Northeast Challenge, all three rides sanctioned with AERC 2018-08-25 End 50 Blaine Jack ME russlynd
Clone of GREEN GABLES GALLOP - IDR 2018-09-01 IDR 14 Donna Lee Cole PE donnalee
GREEN GABLES GALLOP - IDR 2018-09-02 IDR 15 Donna Lee Cole PE donnalee
St Stephen JP 2018-10-07 JP 15 Susan Hovey susanh
GREEN GABLES GALLOP - LD 2018-09-01 LD 30 Donna Lee Cole PE Map donnalee
Northeast Challenge 2018-08-25 LD 30 Blaine Jack ME russlynd

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